Phil refinished our cedar deck. He works incredibly hard, is thorough and honest. He lets you know when he’s going to arrive and arrives on time prepared to work. He pays attention to details and offers good suggestions. In the end, through a combination of rushing to beat the rain and my own lack of clear instruction about the particular stain I wanted him to use, the deck didn’t turn out as well as either of us hoped. He offered to not charge me which seemed just too unfair to him given how hard he worked and the fact that the deck,, while not perfect, Looks much better. I suggested instead and he agreed to a discount for refinishing the deck next year when I use him again. Phil is a genuinely honest, hard working guy who I look forward to working with in the future. Update to the original review. We are six weeks into enjoying our deck and I have to say, it feels like a new deck. Phil sanded every inch of it and knocked in every single nail and you can really tell the difference. The surface is smooth and the boards are tight. Before hiring Phil, we were considering replacing the deck With composite. Now after the work Phil did, we will be able to enjoy our cedar deck for many more years..