Fence Gate Repairs

Fence Gate Repairs

Guarding Beauty, Ensuring Security: Your Trusted Fence Gate Repair Person

Fence Repair Seattle Handyman

At Phil’s Home Services, I understand the importance of a functional and aesthetically pleasing fence gate. Over time, fence gates can suffer from wear and tear, leading to malfunctions, unattractive appearances, and decreased security. I am trained in repairing fence gates, ensuring they operate smoothly and look as good as new. With my prompt, affordable, and high-quality service, your fence gate will be restored to its former glory, safeguarding your property and enhancing its curb appeal.

Wood Fence Repairs

Wooden fences add a timeless charm and natural beauty to any property, but they require attentive care to withstand the elements and everyday wear and tear.

I repair the following:
  • Sagging and Misalignment: Whether it's a gate or fence panel that's sagging, we have the tools and expertise to realign and reinforce the structure, restoring its functionality and appearance.
  • Picket and Post Replacement: Loose or broken pickets and posts can be unsightly and weaken the fence's structure. We offer replacement services using quality wood that matches the existing fence.
  • Gate Hinge Repair: Hinges are beyond repair due to rust, breakage, or severe wear, I provide a full replacement service. I ensure that the new hinges are of the highest quality and matched perfectly to your gate's design and weight requirements.
  • Gate Latch Repair: Whether worn out, rusted, or broken, I can replace latches with new ones that match your gate's design and functionality needs, ensuring a perfect fit and long-lasting performance. A latch that doesn't catch properly can often be fixed by realigning or adjusting its components. I carefully inspect the latch mechanism and make precise adjustments to restore proper function.
  • Gate Rot Repair: Where necessary, I replace the damaged wood with new, treated lumber that matches the existing style and grade of the gate. This ensures a seamless appearance and enhanced durability.
  • Gate Post Repair: If the post is wobbly or leaning, we can provide reinforcement using techniques like bracing or concrete footing. This restores the post’s stability without replacing it entirely. In cases where the post is severely damaged or rotten, I replace it with a new one. I ensure that the new post matches the existing gate in material, design, and finish, and install it securely in place. Misalignment can cause a gate to function improperly. I use specialized tools and techniques to ensure that the repaired or replaced post is perfectly level and aligned with the rest of the gate.
  • Hinge & Latch Maintenance: Regular lubrication prevents wear and ensures smooth operation. I can provide routine maintenance services to keep your gate hinges working seamlessly and catch any potential problems before they become major issues.
  • Cracking and Splitting: Wood can naturally crack and split over time. I can fill, sand, and finish these areas, or replace boards as needed, to revive the fence's appearance.