Home Maintenance


Investing in the protection of the value, aesthetics and overall health of your home is key

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Home maintenance is an important aspect of owning property. It’s also something that many people forget or never do because they think their home should be maintained just like how it was when first built, but this isn’t true! You need routine care for every inch inside and outside your house so you can avoid costly repairs down the line; not only does this save money now (and potentially more), but if there are any issues at all during the rainy season or winter time then we’ll know what needs attention right away – rather than waiting around until springtime comes along again with another round…


Staying on top of the preventative maintenance inside your home offers many advantages. The process can increase the safety of your home, reduce larger-scale issues later on that will be costly to repair. I can help complete your list of to-do’s that you have not had time to get to such as:

  • Caulking Windows, Tubs, & Sinks, Grout, Stone,
  • Tile Sealing
  • Tightening Door Handles, Hinges, Hand Railings, Closet Doors, & Fixtures
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Lock Maintenance
  • Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors Battery Replacement
  • Check & Tighten Fixtures, Such As Towel & Paper Towel Holders
  • Check Hand Railings For Stability & Wear
window caulking
fence painting

The exterior of your home protects and provides comfort inside for you and your family. The aesthetics of your home exterior makes you a proud homeowner. Ongoing maintenance on your home is important for long term ownership and protecting your precious investment.

  • Deck & Fence Staining and Sealing
  • Tighten & Check All Loose Screws & Nails On Fence, Gates & Latches
  • Pressure Washing Patio, Deck, & Driveway


Maintenance Projects