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Are you tired of trying to balance your career, family, and maintaining a beautiful home?
Is your home maintenance to-lists overwhelming?
If so, you’ve found the right place!
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Hi, I’m Phil – a professional handyman and owner of Phil’s Home Services. Helping busy homeowners with home improvements, repairs, maintenance, and technology services is what I do. Whether you are getting your home ready for sale, baby and childproofing, or you just moved into a new home and need assistance with hanging a TV or artwork – I have a wide range of skills I’d be happy to help you get them accomplished.




I love to fix and repair things using my hands. I am a handy person. I’ve been one from the very beginning. I was one of those kids who would enjoy spending countless hours on end assembling and de-assembling their toys.

As a kid, I helped my parents read and translate the instruction manuals to put together furniture they bought from JC Penney, fix broken furniture around the house, and helped my uncle build out our basement. I was that kid who never deviated from the love I have for fixing and repairing through the years.

After graduating from high school, I went to college for a few years. Then came the dot-com boom. I started to work a full-time job at a start-up company fixing and repairing computers, getting them ready for Y2K, short term for “the year 2000.” Y2K was commonly used to refer to a widespread computer programming shortcut that expected to cause extensive havoc as the year changed from 1999 to 2000 at the Millenium turn. Nothing happened.

From there, I transitioned into working at other technology companies. I slowly started to realize that I had made a miscalculation. I was no longer repairing or fixing anything with my hands. I was stuck behind a desk and couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

I will always love the technology field and the fantastic people I have worked with throughout the years, but I need to repair or fix something physically.

My wife and I bought our first house in 2013. It needed some repairing and updating to make it our own. I gutted the half bathroom, replace the tile, sink, and toilet. It did not stop there. I repaired walls, replaced all the toilets in all the bathrooms, installed new Pergo floors in the basement, replaced all the light fixtures, installed smart home automation devices on our door locks, windows, light switches, and the gate on the dog crate. I was making our home fully smart.

I said to my wife, “what if I started a handyman business that offered not only home repair and maintenance but technology services as well?” I would merge my passions for physically fixing and repairing and technology. It took a full year to prove the concept worked, helping friends and family install WiFi cameras, repair deck benches, painting rooms, babyproofing our house, etc.

The most crucial step is to START because there are always a million reasons you shouldn’t do something. If you’re genuinely devoted and passionate about something, you will push through and find a way.

So, I decided to start a handyman business that offers home improvement, maintenance, repairs, and technology services.

I love working with my hands and helping people – and a handyman business is just a perfect fit. With my technology background, I’ve developed the skill to fix just about anything!


Here's How I Will Help You Save Time and Eliminate Stress

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a handyman you could trust? Somebody that cared about your home as much as you do?

Somebody that you could have in your home – even when you weren’t there – that you knew had your best interests in mind?

When you work with me, that’s what you get – and you’ll find that it will free up a lot of time and attention to focus on more important things.

Imagine how much time you will save by having me take care of those pesky to-dos.

I’m here to make your life easier, show up when I say I will, and consistently and reliably repair your home with great attention to detail.

I look forward to meeting you!





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